Donald Trump wool artwork depicting him as a cock by Sarah Vaci

Original Limited Edition Prints

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"Eye Create 100" eye artwork limited edition print (100 available)

This artwork was created as part of the international "Eye Create 100" Art challenge that I created. I created one eye per day for 100 days and features 50 people (including Amy Winehouse, David Bowie, The Queen and more!) and 50 animals. 100 limited edition professional full size giclée art prints (1 metre x 45cm) are now available. The print will be numbered and signed and sent in a robust cardboard roll.

The Rooster
16" x 20" Limited edition print (100 available)

A little political pun in response to Donald Trump's general cockiness.

16" x 20" Limited edition print (100 available)

This portrait of Charles Darwin as a saint depicts the conflict of creationism versus evolution and how scientists are in an essence worshipped.

Father Christmas
8" x 11" Limited edition print (100 available)