I began my artistic journey studying video installation art at the Kent Institute of Art and Design and discovered a passion for film and animation. This led to a successful ten year career making short films and teaching in special schools, hospitals and The British Museum, followed by an MA in Community Arts from Goldsmiths College.

It was a trip to Hungary, where my family originates from, that sparked my interest in felting and I was inspired to try it myself. I began with needle-felting wool artwork* and using my experience of fine art have developed my skill in wool painting.

I have also been developing my drawing skills since leaving school and am passionate about the high level of detail that can be achieved with the humble pencil.

I feel my artistic background in image making and my love of nature and colour have led to my passion in creating wool and colour pencil artwork.

I welcome fine art commissions and usually have a 4-6 weeks turnaround.

 *Needle-felting requires stabbing tiny pieces of dyed wool into flat felt and the wool can be used as mark making medium similar to paint or pastel however the texture and varieties of wool make this technique very unusual and unique.

I welcome fine art commissions and usually have a 3-4 week turnaround.