Creating 100 eyes in 100 days! The #Eyecreate100 project

Follow the project here or use #eyecreate100 to find all the artists taking part!

My eyes can be seen on Facebook here and on Instagram here

How it all began ....I thought January would be quiet and I might do a little personal project. I thought - I love 'painting' eyes in wool! What if I spend January doing an eye every day, and then I thought of a nice round number - 100. It only occurred to me later this was THREE MONTHS of eyes. I reached out to fellow artists to see if anyone fancied joining me, and they did, around 40 of them from around the world! As a former filmmaker I thought it might be fun to film each eye (using time-lapse, nobody wants to watch 30mins x 100 eyes!). Little did I realise my little eye project would catch the eye of thousands around the world!! So far our eyes have been shared over 800x, been viewed over 90,000x and been trending on Bored Panda !!

Eye by artist Mandy Allan 

Eyes by Sue McAllister who is asking for donations
the Eilidh Brown appeal through her participation

I have been asked - but why?? And here are some of my reasons :

Why not!
Because it will be keep me busy (as if I haven't got enough to do!)
Because I'll have a little something to post on my page daily.
Because I love felting eyes and wish to improve.
Because it will be fun
And finally, why not!

Eyes by Eve Miller

Eye by Anna Gouws

Eye by Kira Streets

Eyes by Mellita Salmon

Eyes by JakeArt


All my time-lapses will be uploaded to Youtube soon so watch this space! 

Follow our progress here or use #eyecreate100 to find all the artists taking part on Facebook, Instagram and beyond!

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